• Dr. Mike McKim

2021! New Year New YOU! NEXT LEVEL!

Wow! What a catchy title huh - we have all heard it so many times before! :)

Here we go - jumping into 2021! I wanted to give you all a little update and THANK YOU for joining our McKim Family Chiropractic family! We officially opened our doors right before a pandemic - who knew?!

And it was interesting navigating through all the new rules and mandates. We had to cancel our Grand Opening party, we had to cancel all our scheduled lunch and learns and community outreach we had set up. BUT, we were excited to open our doors and work with patients on our own terms. I have worked in other offices with other docs for years but this was for us and for the patients we can serve in a way, I see valuable.

I believe Chiropractic care should be available to everyone. It helps with pain and critical health issues but also maintenance to a healthy lifestyle and prevention of disease. I truly believe a Chiropractic lifestyle is very beneficial to the patient and their families. AND I believe in offering exceptional care for affordable prices so that everyone can receive care. This has been important to me so that has continued to be a driver to open our clinic. We also offer Life Coaching and Mindset coaching. My wife, Paula is a phenomenal life coach for families and relationships.

I couldn't be more happy working with her, by my side. This year we have several free workshops going on through out the year and we will be holding a Love & Logic parenting class coming up soon. Plus, Paula is also working on a "building confidence course" working with our equine friends.

Our journey to open last year in 2020 was a blessing overall and this year we are ready to take you and our office next level... next level health, next level parenting, next level life!

We appreciate you! I look forward to sharing with you more often and inviting you to be part of our office family! Please subscribe or like us on FB or Instagram to see the upcoming events.

McKim Method Wellness Center has been a vision for us for years. A wellness center approach to a full life experience. Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Mindset, and Massage! We welcome you and your families!

-Dr. Mike McKim

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