Functional Medicine is a thorough look at the biology and systems approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Functional Medicine can benefit all types of health goals; whether it be weight loss, pain, migraines, chronic conditions, auto-immune, gastro-intestinal, food allergies, hormone balance, stress, sleep issues, really the list can go on and on.

It's a comprehensive one on one with Dr. Mike and discovering the best ways for you to reach optimal health. 

Dr. Mike McKim focuses on YOU as an individual. We include an in depth look at your whole body, life style and mental thinking.  We order the tests that need to be done to get a deeper insight as to what's going on. We dive deep into your health and identify all the things that are limiting your ability to heal. Through testing, a comprehensive exam and questionnaire; Dr. McKim gets you results. 

Our job is to get you at optimal health, pain/symptom free and thriving, Living your Best Life! 

Functional Medicine is not covered by insurance. This is a cash service. We keep our fees low but provide incredible Value. We meet through HIPPAA compliant virtual meeting rooms. This allows us to work with patients across the world. 

Functional Medicine : 

New patient consult.      60 minutes.       $265.00

Follow up consult.          45 minutes.      $85.00



New patient consults are a minimum of 60 minutes and require a 30 min follow up appointment to discuss and review your treatment plan. Each treatment plan will be tailored to the individual. Our treatment plans are detailed for your body and mind. 

We treat each individual on a case by case basis to get you living your best life!