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Why are we different?
We focus on individualized care, because everyone is a little different.
We don't run you through a conveyor belt... :) 
We don't believe in expensive care plans. 
We treat our patients exactly as we would like to be treated.
We offer affordable family options so everyone can be on the road to great health and wellness. 

Dr. Mike McKim

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Dr. Mike and his wife, Paula are Idaho natives. Growing up in this great state, they are very active in and around the community. They enjoy the great outdoors with their 4 children. Archery, dirt-bike riding, horses, hiking, camping... they love to do it all. 

Dr. McKim is passionate about health and helping his patients enjoy whatever it is that lights them up. He loves to get his patients feeling great so they can focus on things that really matter. 

He believes when people are on meds to function, they are surviving... not thriving.  He is passionate about getting his patients to thriving and living their Best Life. 

He loves Chiropractic paired with Functional Medicine because it's health and prevention focused. It's a great way to raise kids - drug free and teaching them the power of natural health. 

Dr. Mike McKim has always had a passion for medicine and healthcare. Coming from a family of M.D.'s and Surgeons he decided to pursue a degree in Chiropractic, Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

He is passionate about getting to the root cause of health issues and not masking those symptoms with medications.  Chiropractic is a vital first step for everyone pursuing health because it opens up nerve flow. Chiropractic Adjustments empowers the nervous system to operate as intended. 

Second,  Dr. McKim pursued a degree in Functional Medicine  because with the proper testing it uncovers the real make - up of each individual to discover true health. Food sensitivities, Hormone imbalances, IBS, Weight issues, fatigue, sickness...  So many health issues today can be solved by natural means. Functional Medicine  is a body-systems biology - based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. 

Dr. McKim is passionate about helping his patients break the bondage of meds. He is passionate about helping his patients live their Best Life! 


Paula McKim

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Paula is a Mindset coach who works with personal clients to help them increase the level at which people are living. She helps people create from their future and not from their past. Paula partners with Dr. McKim on helping patients not only clean up their health issues but issues that are present in the mind. Often times, sickness and dis-ease are present both in the mind and body.  Paula helps people choose love over fear. Her passion is to help people thrive and truly discover the happiness that resides inside them.  

Paula and Dr. Mike have 4 beautiful children. Her biggest passion in life is being a mom and is also a successful parenting coach.

Together they also teach Love and Logic parenting classes. Check with the office on upcoming dates. 

Paula also teaches a lot of our classes on:

Living a Chemical Free Life

Raising Kids with a Positive Mind

Parenting with Purpose 

Taking the STRESS out of Parenting 

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